Modern Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel Shelf Will Make Home More Luxury

Looking for cast stone fireplace mantel shelf? Have a look and skim this photos beneath for some important data that can assist you. The first thing that should be ensured while designing the custom mantel is to make it child safe. As everyone knows, fires get hot. Children should be protected from the heat of the fires at all costs. This can be done by raising the fireplace up a bit and then putting a protective gate around it. It doesn’t matter if the home owner has children or not. Making a fireplace child safe is a smart choice to make.

Something else a mantel can be good for is to organize items and cut down on clutter. Many people end up putting their various items all over the shelves and counters because they do not have places to put them. By incorporating drawers in the custom mantels, people will then have more space to place various household items. Shelf space is something that mantels are excellent for. Aside from the previously mentioned tip of creating a lot of drawers in the mantel, ensuring there is lots of shelf space is another good way to de-clutter a house. It can be dressed up with custom stained glass to add a little color to the design as well.

More picture about examples of beautiful cast stone fireplace mantel shelf that will surprise everyone also browse the related images bellow.

Cast stone fireplace mantel shelf

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Gorgeous cast stone fireplace mantel shelf in the manner of Fireplace Shelves Perfection Cast Stone Mantel Shelf Stone, credit:

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Lovely cast stone fireplace mantel shelf by means of shelf Smaller Carved Stone Fireplace Mantels Wonderful Cast, credit:

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